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Manuel Santoro, national secretary

I consider the appointment of the coming Marseille Forum of the European progressive forces organized by the Party of the European Left the first step for a political and programmatic convergence that will allow us to strengthen a shared political path, not only in Europe, but also in every European nation. Such common political journey will certainly allow the organizations participating to the Forum to get closer and work together for a shared political platform for future appointments and elections.

In Marseille we will participate to the first Forum, the first appointment, and our goal will be to make it grow in time and in space, since it will be the Forum our only chance to help the left in Europe, to gain strength and focus for the coming political battles. The participants to the Forum will grow in number through time and we have to work to that end. More people and organizations we will be part of this path in the future.

In this manner the European Left will become stronger and the left in each nation will reach its political goals: become politically relevant.

We all share a common ground. A ground defined by the will to be part of the Forum. A ground defined by the political focus traced by the Party of the European Left. Thus, being participants of this great event defines already a link between us, construct a bridge to work together for the future of future generations. The Forum is the glue that will help us to work together and make the left stronger, in Europe and in our nations.



We, the socialist of Italy, live and work in Europe. We want an united Europe but not an Europe of ‘pecoroni’ (large sheep meaning docile and submissive people).

“On 1 July 2016, the Council prolonged the economic sanctions targeting specific sectors of the Russian economy until 31 January 2017,” said the Council statement.

Once again the European ‘pecoroni’ were genuflecting to the crazy will of the United States and their administration. United States which are not affected at all by the Russian counter-sanctions, but which have a significant recessive impact, however, on European economies.

Thus, we confirm once again to the World to be emeritus European ‘pecoroni’, that is, people who work against their own interests but for interests of others without anything back.

Some may say that is not the fault of the European people, after all. But the European Council consists of the Heads of State or Government of the EU Member States, and it was ‘us ‘, the Europeans people, who brought them to power. Next time vote consciously.

We, the socialist of Italy, declare therefore to be against the sanctions to Russia, against the violent expansion of NATO eastward, against the proliferation of Nazism in Europe, and to be for an autonomous, political and finally democratic Europe, militarily away from NATO.