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Message from our secretary to the comrades – towards the second European Forum of the Progressive Forces in Spain

Dear comrades,

I believe that the first European Forum of the Progressive Forces in Marseille was very good, a very good first step in the right direction.

I believe that the ultimate goal of the Forum and of the European Left should be to aggregate around a precise political and programmatic platform all forces available in Europe to fight liberal and right wing forces. We should channel all our forces towards a common political goal. I believe we would need more politics, not less, to achieve our goals.

It is also very important to avoid dispersion of forces due to an uncertain political platform. I believe the European Left should lead the effort for the definition of a precise common ground.

Naturally, if we work well in the future then the Forum could grow enormously. It has indeed great potentials and the second appointment in Spain next November is an opportunity we cannot miss out.

Socialist greetings from Italy!

Manuel Santoro
National Secretary of Convergenza Socialista