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Convergenza Socialista demands that all nations not invited by the Syrian Government present at this moment in the Syrian territory must leave immediately the country. That includes all personnel from USA, UK and any other European nations, Turkey and any hidden presence of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Convergenza Socialista reminds that Syria is a sovereign nation and that the Syrian Government has invited in its territory Russia and Iran only.

Convergenza Socialista absolutely condemns the latest air strikes done by USA, UK and France, unilaterally and without any UN Security Council permission, and therefore from now on our political party, all Italian socialists and the Italian people will consider Trump, May and Macron war criminals. We will work to make sure they face trial in court for crime against humanity.

Convergenza Socialista will support any initiative in Italy and in Europe that will lead to the total and complete dismantle of NATO in the world and will work to make sure that Italy pursues an independent foreign policy in Syria focused on direct negotiations with the Syrian government and support for the Astana and Sochi intra-Syrian talks’ formats.

Convergenza Socialista is firmly against any new format of talks on Syria, which would include states involved in the latest bombing of Syria. The only peace talk’s format shall be done in Astana and Sochi.



Act of war against Syria last night. Against a sovereign State, without any UN mandate.

In perfect continuity with past administrations, Trump makes Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and almost all European Nations very happy with last night stupid and ridiculous action. An action which is against international law and without any American Congress mandate. To that Trump will be called accountable.

If Trump is then a hawk and wants to follow the Clinton/Obama agenda, and if all major powers are applauding the American President, then ‘Convergenza Socialista’ will immediately start a bombarding campaign on the weapons sold by USA, UK, France, Italy and other Nations to Saudi Arabia for the war in Yemen where at least a thousand kids have been murdered so far.

In 2016, United States has sold to Saudi Arabia 20 billion of dollars in weapons of different kind. In 2017, up to 1,15 billion of dollars. With that money Saudi Arabia has killed 1000 kids, has caused 6-thousand deaths, 2.5 million of refugees. Hospitals and schools have been constantly bombarded.

From most of the mainstream media only silence. A disgusting silence.